Finally a book about 8 D that mentions the importance of soft skills 🙂

This is probably the only “8D” book that points out the crucial importance of soft skills.

I bought Chris Visser’s book “8D Problem solving explained” (Kindle edition) earlier this year to develop a complete training about the 8D methodology for one of my clients. Obviously I had a look at various documents on the Internet and at several books, but most of these were focusing solely on the technical aspects of 8D.

Something was missing.

My company does a lot of training – project management, quality management and management systems – which *always* involves soft skills. It is our interaction with people, the ability to question ourselves and the ability to deal with change that determines success – not only of an 8D investigation.
Soft skills.As far as I can tell, Chris Visser’s book is the only book about the 8D methodology that underlines the (crucial!) importance of soft sills. And I daresay that the author does a good job, using a straightforward and clear language, clear graphics and many examples. The use of techniques from quality and project management is well explained, so that readers who are familiar with these areas will quickly find multiple anchor points. If you’re looking for a practical book about using 8D in the real world, look no further. This is it.

Joerg Hau


Very good book, very well explained with lots of examples. I really loved the two exercises in the book, it helped me to check my knowledge and skills. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to understand 8D problem solving deeply.

Peter McAllister

Goes Beyond the Technical Aspects

Having formerly worked in the auto industry, I’ve been exposed to 8D for decades. Expected the book to simply be a review of what I already knew. Instead the author has added some fundamental components that cause people to subvert the poor thinking processes 8D is intended to help overcome, such as relying on previous experience, not understanding what qualifies as objective evidence, and the ability to think reflectively (especially when it comes to cause & effect relationships). This book is a worthwhile addition to the field of problem solving, especially for those who must follow the 8D process (versus just seeing it as a report form to fill in).

Duke Okes

Simple, easy to read overview of 8D

I just finished reading the book, and it is an easily understandable overview of the 8D process along with some important considerations. 8D is a highly effective, versatile, and generally accepted problem solving process for which this book is an outstanding reference.

William A. Levinson

The real 8D methodology

That is a really amazing book. This methodology is used by 9 in 10 companies in automotive industry and even like this there was no reference guides available, until now. In a very simple but detailed language, Chris Visser could explain the core of this methodology and get me in a higher level of understanding, even after years of experience teaching this. Mandatory reading for any Problem Solver or Quality Engineer in this world.

Gabriel de Melo Oliveira


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