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What is the book about?

It is about problem solving using the 8D method from Ford Motor Company, and explains highly detailed the in’s and out’s of problem solving and how to apply the 8D method successfully.

What is so special about the 8D problem solving method?

It focusses on process improvement in logical way. When correctly embedded in the organization and applied properly, it will help your organization to become more competitive as problems are dealt with in a professional manner and solved once and for all.

What makes this book better than all the other books available?

It explains both what the method is about and how to apply it best within your organization. In addition, it contains numerous examples and two fully worked out cases for you to test your knowledge about 8D

Who should read this book?

Everyone who is interested in learning how to solve problems in your work life, regardless the industry you work in or the role you have within your organization. Whether you are an beginner or an expert in the 8D method, this book is for you.

What makes this book on 8D unique?

The fact that not only the 8D method itself is explained, also the reasoning behind it, which gives the reader the required know-how to apply the method well. And in addition, you have free access to a website with supporting materials. It is the ideal supplement to your existing training materials!

Why should you read this book?

Because it brings your knowledge of problem solving to an expert level, making you an expert problem solver and process improver applying the 8D method.

How difficult is the book to read?

Everyone with a basic understanding of English should be able to read and understand the book. It has a very practical approach and written for easy understanding. Every subject is supported with at least one graphical figure and the theory is explained in a very basic way.

Is the book interesting to read?

Yes, because it combines theory with practical knowledge it is very accessible and fun to read. The various examples and illustrations will add to that experience making the content tangible and easy to absorb.

Can I order mutiple copies of the book at discounted rates?

Yes. As of 10 or more copies a discount code can be requested using the contact form on this website. Depending on the number of copies a unique discount code will be sent to you for your purchase at Amazon. If you want more than 50 copies, please contact us for ordering directly at the publisher.

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