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Chris Visser started his working career assembling high-tech equipment, such as medical devices and semi-conductors, for various industries. Curious by nature, he explored intuitively and on a small-scale process improvements searching for ways to do things quicker and better without compromising quality. Sometimes he succeeded and, sometimes,…



8D Problem Solving Explained

8D problem solving explained takes you to the core of the method, bringing your knowledge of the problem solving methodology to expert level. Supported by numerous practical examples, it illustrates how you can apply the 8D method in real life. Combined with theoretical background, you will learn to understand the method inside out. In addition, if you want to test your skills, two fully worked out cases allow you to find out how well you can apply the method when solving your problems.

Use the 8D problem solving method for turning your operational failures into knowledge to drive your strategic and competitive advantage. Based on more than 10 years of daily experience with the 8D problem solving method in the automotive and medical industry. This book offers you everything you need to know about the 8D problem solving methodology, and more. Whether you use it as your training material or as a reference in your daily work, this book is for you.




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On this page you’ll find a number of templates in English and also translated in Dutch of 8D reports you can use within your organization.


On this page you can find a couple of worked out examples/excersises in order for you to get an impression how such an 8D report may look.

Now also available in Dutch translation



8D Problem Solving Explained

by Chris S. P. Visser

More than 1200 copies sold world-wide in the first year!! Supported by numerous practical examples. These can be downloaded on the download page, it illustrates how you can apply the 8D method in real life.

-Gloria Steinem-

Define the Problem.

Clarify the Problem

Define the Goals

Identify Root Cause of the Problem

Develop Action Plan

Execute Action Plan

Evaluate the Results

Continuously Improve

8-Step Problem Solving Process

Assign a champion and team leader to the problem and
establish a team of knowledgeable people
Determine the object (of study) and the factual
deviation on that object → Use 5W2H questions!
Take actions to protect the (internal) customer
Determine the problem’s magnitude
Which root causes explain the occurrence?
Which root causes explain the escape of it?
Determine the most effective and efficient
countermeasures and verify if these work
Plan implementation of the PCA’s
Validate that the PCA’s are reliable
Can similar products or processes learn from this
event? Which systemic causes contributed?
Make sure no actions are open or pending
Celebrate the successful completion
Recognize individual & team contribution